10 APRIL 2019


Salus - International Conference

Participate to the change by supporting a new way of being healthy

The 3 fundamental reasons to support this conference


The Conference “SALUS, focusing on Health Promotion” is co-organized by LUMEN School of Naturopathy and by the MEPS Eleonora Evi (EFDD), Marco Zullo (EFDD) and Stefan Eck (GUE/NGL). The event gained the support of different parliamentary groups (S&D, ECR, EPP).

The innovative contribution to the current political and scientific debate of the SALUS Conference is the focus on the relationship between antibiotic resistance and health promotion. The importance of lifestyle, now well documented by the scientific community and heritage of Traditional Medicines knowledge, needs to be re-evaluated and concretized. Health promotion therefore becomes a point of convergence between Conventional Medicine and Complementary Medicine which, together, can create winning integration strategies. There are two macro areas of the conference.

Primarily the conference will examine one of the key issues at the attention of international health policies: antimicrobial resistance (AMR).


The speech of dr. Alberto Donzelli, public health expert, will analyze some common mistakes of public policies, which contribute to the development of AMR, and will illustrate some data showing the link between AMR and lifestyles. He will also illustrate a basic structural condition for a health-oriented health system instead of a disease-oriented one.

The next speech, naturopath Milena Simeoni will deepen the fundamentals of natural medicine as concrete tools in health promotion and in the development of complementarity strategies between conventional and natural medicine. The speech is based on the WHO guidelines on Traditional and Complementary Medicine (CTM) and takes into account a systemic vision of individual health as inseparable from environmental and animal health.

The second session will include representatives of some associations of naturopaths (Italian, European and global) and educational directors of naturopathy schools at European level (Italy, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium) bringing significant experiences of integration of Complementary and Traditional Medicine (CTM) within European health systems or in the academic world.




o hará salus

Dennis Patrick O’Hara

PhD, Associate Professor, University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto (Canada)

daniel kiefer salus

Daniel Kieffer

Director, CENATHO (Holistic & Traditional College of Naturopathy) (France)

pastor salus

Pastor Andrzej Podlasin

President of the International Association of Complementary Medicine (Poland)

Andrea dourado salus

André Dourado

Director, EMAC Escola de Saúde Integral (Portugal)

Lucia Schiavone salus

Lucía Fontao Schiavone,

Head of Study, Philippus Thuban Terapias Naturales y Manuales (Spain)

marta perez salus

Martha Pérez Viñas

ex Director of Natural and Traditional Medicine (Cuba)

Milena Simeoni salus

Leyla Moudden

President, Association of Naturopathic Practioners (UK)

Milena Simeoni salus

Alexander Willige

M.A., Heilpraktiker (Germany)

Milena Simeoni salus

Davide Cascino

Director, Omeonatura Scuola Internazionale di Naturopatia (Switzerland)

Olivier Coureaut - Naturopathe

Olivier Coureaut

Vice President, Union des Naturopathes de Belgique (Belgium)

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